Digital assets
for a digital age

Pegged to US Dollar

Collateral with BNB and administered by

1USDSC = 0.0042BNB = 1USD

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Transaction Times

USD deposits and withdrawals to and from foreign exchanges are often a time-consuming process. On average, they take 1 to 4 business days to complete. If the transaction occurs after banks have closed for the night, weekend, or holiday, wait times may be considerably extended. By contrast, USDSC transactions are completed in seconds. This benefit is significant because digital assets traders often need to rapidly shift funds.

Transaction Fees

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) transfers are very expensive. They cost upwards of $20 in fees and average around $30. Additionally, if you’re using a fiat currency other than those supported by the exchange, the banks will charge an extra foreign exchange conversion fee and percentage on the transfer. By contrast, USDSC charges a standard blockchain network fees which are cents.

Price Stability

Digital Assets are notorious for being volatile, and trading one volatile currency for another creates a great deal of complication and extra risk. That’s why a stable base currency is extremely useful.

Staying on the Sidelines

Frequently, the best position to take in a market is no position at all. Let’s say you feel that a certain digital asset price, which you own, is unsustainably high. Your best move, in this case, would be to cash out, then wait for a dip or crash to buy back in.

Digital Assets built for the internet

Blockchain Companies

Price goods and services in a currency your customers are familiar with.
Reduce operating costs and times by bypassing financial institutions.


Secure and manage customer assets purely through crypto-processes, including multi-sig.
Settle fiat balances between exchanges much easier and in real-time.


Enhance your cross-exchange and currency arbitrage strategy.
Be the custodian of your own funds and eliminate exchange custodial risk.


What is a stable coin?
What is USDSC?

USDSC is a stablecoin pegged to USD.
1 USDSC is intended to remain exactly equal to USD 1—not a cent more or less. It’s basically a crypto dollar. It can be exchanged to exact amount of BNB which is equal to 1 USD at the time of exchange.

It’s worth noting that USDSC users are protected from the volatility of cryptocurrency, but they’re still exposed to fluctuations in the price of the pegged BNB.

Let’s say the price of BNB is USD 40 now. You can get 40 USDSC for 1 BNB. After two years, if the price of BNB is USD 80, you will can get 0.5 BNB for the same 40 USDC.

You can buy at USDSC.NET or approved exchanges. Till 30 June, you can buy USDSC at a discount. The purchase website will be launched on 1 Feb 2021. The following will be discounts for each month.

Feb 2021: 50% discount for first 10,000 USDSC after that 5% discount

Mar 2021: 40% discount for first 10,000 USDSC after that 4% discount

Apr 2021: 30% discount for first 10,000 USDSC after that 3% discount

May 2021: 20% discount for first 10,000 USDSC after that 2% discount

June 2021: 10% discount for first 10,000 USDSC after that 1% discount

If 50% discount I will get 100% more in Feb 2021 for first 10,000 USDSC and 10% more after that for Feb 2021.

If 40% discount I will get 80% more in Mar 2021 for first 10,000 USDSC and 8% more after that for Mar 2021.

If 30% discount I will get 60% more in Apr 2021 for first 10,000 USDSC and 6% more after that for Apr 2021.

If 20% discount I will get 40% more in May 2021 for first 10,000 USDSC and 4% more after that for May 2021.

If 10% discount I will get 20% more in Jun 2021 for first 10,000 USDSC and 2% more after that for Jun 2021.

What is the value of 1 USDSC?

1 USDSC is equal to 1 USD or equivalent to the same value of BNB.

When can you start using USDSC?

You can start using USDSC immediately

You can immediately exchange USDSC to BEP20 USDT from 1 July 2021.

Why buy USDSC?

The reality is that USDSC is extremely useful to traders and investors as an alternative to fiat. There are several good reasons..

How to purchase your USDSC?

Send the right amount of BNB to get your USDSC. If one BNB is 40 USD, if you send 10 BNB to 0x59f4B70Ed2CCa825D54C836238e4a671bDd9442E, you will get 400 USDSC.

Create an account.
Register your wallet with bank account.
Send USDSC to our exchange wallet.
You will receive a confirmation SMS on the amount you will receive.
You will get your fiat in your bank account within 1 hour.
There will be 3% service charge for exchange.